Blindness And Symbolism In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Cathedral by: Raymond Carver Raymond Carver wrote the short story “Cathedral” which is about a blind man who is very handy at everything but that he is blind he needs some help with some things. The narrator’s wife takes up the job to help him read reports and case studies. The two become very close then the narrator’s wife had to move away cause her first husband was in the army so they needed to travel but the blind man and the wife never lost touch with each other. The narrator did not really like the relationship between the two he was jealous of it because him and his wife were never that close. The blind man came to visit the wife and the narrator. The narrator was very mean towards him because he only thought about blind people through the stereotypes he has heard about on TV. The blind man whose name is Robert is a very caring and very open-minded and very connected to everything where the narrator is very mean, very lazy and likes to sit around and watch his TV all day and criticize people and is not connected to anything he is always to himself. The symbol in this short story is blindness and this is demonstrated structurally and thematically. Blindness is important structurally because the blind guy Robert even though he was not able to see he could of still pictured the beauty in his wife. You do not always need to see someone with your…show more content…
The narrator saw the blind man Robert as he thought blind people were because of the stereotypes he has heard on TV. Come to the end of the short story we see that the narrator sees that the blind man is a normal person even with the disability he has the narrator comes to respect him for who he is. When the blind man told the narrator to close his eyes and “see” the world like Robert does and when the narrator did this he took life differently and changed his perspective towards the blind
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