Blind Sided Memoir

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Gabe Tollin Tollin 1 ENC 1101 July 12, 2009 Memoir/Dr. Donnelly Blind Sided! It’s amazing how in life I could be doing everything right and not making any mistakes, but one idiot who does make a mistake completely changed my life. I remember pulling out of my driveway, and Amber my girlfriend was already asleep. She was tired that night and passed out literally seconds after sitting down and buckling her seatbelt. I began to drive her home, driving out of my neighborhood and towards the main road of Atlantic Boulevard. I looked both ways, not seeing a car in either direction I pulled across the street and began heading west on Atlantic Boulevard. Once on the main road I began to accelerate up to the…show more content…
My car had finally stopped; it took me a second to realize where I was. When I came to my senses I realized that we were on the opposite side of the road. The bright lights came back, but this time right in front of me. Within a second of realizing where I was I felt the impact of another car accident, this time head on. For a second I Tollin 2 forgot where I am again, can’t breathe, and I feel some intense pain. I look around and regain my perception of what is going on. Amber is crying and looks like she is in a lot of pain. I reassure her that she will be ok and go to try and get out of my car. The door is stuck, so I kick it open and step out into the crisp night air. I forgot my shoes at home so I’m walking all over broken glass and metal barefoot. I glanced over to all the bystanders who got barricaded behind the accident. The look on their faces told me that the accident was terrible, I then came realized that I was hit from behind which is what triggered…show more content…
The cop then told me that I was being sent to the hospital for a routine checkup. I looked over to the car that had hit me on the opposite side of the road, it looked terrible. The older lady, who was involved in the accident, was being helped onto a stretcher and into the ambulance that I was going to be put into. I then made sure Amber was ok, she having a shock attack, and was shaking like I’ve never seen a human being do before, I was scared. I tried to avoid being placed onto a stretcher and into an ambulance at all costs. The only thing in the world that I want to do right now is be with Amber, but the paramedics promised me that Amber would be fine. They told me that in an accident like this, usually people die, let alone walk out of the vehicle. So they forced me to go to the hospital, just to check all my vitals, and to make sure that my adrenaline wasn’t overpowering any serious injury that I had. I took one last glance to where Amber was. They used the Jaws of Life to get her out, and are putting her onto the stretcher, she looked a lot better. So I decided to walk over to the stretcher that I was going to be put on. I was then placed on a stretcher that felt like I was lying on a board of nails, braced up, and placed in the ambulance. I looked over and saw the old lady, she was very badly injured, and I heard the medics on the ambulance say she had at least three broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken arm, and a major

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