Blind for an Hour Essay

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It used to be so easy to talk about what I thought it would be like if I was blind. I'd think of scenarios I'd face and figure out ways I'd overcome obstacles the handicap presented to me. Actually making an effort to be blind changed the scenarios, because I wasn't making them up. I had to carry out tasks that I usually perform regularly with almost no effort. To my surprise they proved to be almost the hardest because without the sense of sight I had to use my mind to picture where things were, which took a lot of time and energy. The first fifteen minutes were scary. I lost all sense of direction and was clumsy, which made me nervous and fidgety. I was thankful I decided to do this in the comfort of my own home, downstairs, because I realized that since I couldn't see I needed to count how many stairs there were in order to successfully make it to the top without cascading back down. The first thing I attempted to do was walk to the kitchen and make a peanut butter sandwich. The furniture in the living had been changed a while ago, but it was situated in a way that I wasn't accustomed to yet, so I managed to bump into both recliners and both end tables. My steps were short and choppy. I walked flat footed; I wasn't confident enough to use a normal stride because I didn't want to step on one of our pets or trip on the end of a rug. Successful in making it to the kitchen still standing, minus the bruises forming on both calves, I proceeded to obtain the ingredients to make that peanut butter sandwich. This was so much harder than I had originally thought. Not only had the peanut butter been moved in the cupboard, I couldn't tell which jar in the fridge was the jelly. So, I had to open every jar and smell the contents- not the highlight of my day. Needless to say the jelly was the last jar I grabbed. Once the ingredients were within reaching distance to my hands

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