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Acknowledgement This research paper would not be accomplished without the generous contribution of any individuals. The researcher would like to acknowledge the following contributions: For the unwavering support and guidance of her family. They are the one who gave her courage and inspiration. To her professor, for giving this study, this could be the task that would help her become more resourceful and knowledgeable. To Almighty Father for the safety, strengths, courage, inner peace and knowledge to make this term paper a success. Table of Contents Acknowledgement Chapter I The problem and Its Scope Introduction Statement of the Problem Significance of the Study Definition Chapter II The Content of the Study Absenteeism Factors Contribute to Teachers Absence Impact of Teachers Absenteeism Measuring Absenteeism Controlling Absenteeism Conclusion Bibliography 3 Chapter I The Problem and Its Scope Introduction Rates of employee absences and the effects of absences on productivity are topics of conversation in many organizations. One reason is that high rates of employee absence may signal weak management and poor labor-management relations. In the education sphere, employee absenteeism is a special problem, not only in terms of the cost to the school (payment to substitute teachers) but also the wasted education-time that is liable to impair the sense of confidence that the general public has in the schools. Students may eventually lose their desire to learn if the regular teacher is frequently absent and the curriculum is delivered by an array of substitute teachers. In essence, teacher absenteeism has important implications for school reform, teacher training, educational leadership, and issues related to social justice aimed at promoting equity and excellence in the

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