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Making Religion Yours Religion defines many people's daily lives and the way they conduct and present themselves. It serves as a pillar which they lean upon in their times of confusion and need, and as a light to guide them through dark times. However, as some people go through life, events can alter or completely reshape their religion and beliefs, causing them to become completely different people. In Rudlofo Anaya's Bless Me Ultima, Antonio is a young boy whose faith is repeatedly challenged by life's circumstances, the actions of people around him, and his ever changing relationship with God. Antonio's once unshakable Catholic beliefs are morphed by his experiences into a mix of beliefs comprised of his new understanding and knowledge. Originally, Antonio unquestioningly believes in the Catholic faith and its unlimited supremacy, and does not dare second-guess it. Observing the actions of the priest at El Puerto, Antonio wonders why he does not fight the evil brujas, since he has "the power of God, the Virgin and all the saints of the holy mother Church behind him  (85). Antonio cannot conceive of any force being stronger than that of the church and God, therefore when the priest won't put the power of God up against the brujas, Antonio is baffled. In Antonio's mind, the priest should have no trouble at all with the brujas, since their powers are nothing compared to all the strength manifested in the priest by the Church. Antonio believes the power of God is so potent, that "all you have to do is to lift your right hand and cross your right thumb over your first finger and form the sign of the cross. No evil can challenge that cross  (55). The strength of God is so real and magnificent to Antonio, that he believes that even a makeshift sign of God is enough to ward away the devil. No evil can so much as come near to match the presence a sign of God can exude,

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