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Bless Me Ultima Essay How do we make the leap from child to adult? What obstacles must we overcome to finally reach the peak of all that we can be? Who can reform and influence our decisions that will shape who we become? Everyone has gone through a situation that causes him or her to grow up faster. This is prevalent in Bless Me Ultima, a coming of age novel that represents maturity. The Pivotal moment that explains Antonio’s loss of innocence is Florence’s death. Antonio Márez must progress towards his own moral independence and choose his destiny. Tony is forced to carry on difficult experiences too early in life, causing an early loss of innocence. He is overwhelmed with many spiritual questions. In the novel, Antonio thinks to himself, “Did God listen? Would he hear?” (23) Florence was Antonio’s friend who did not believe in “God”. For many reasons, such as his mother dying when he was young, and his father drinking to his grave. Florence didn’t understand how “god” could let this happen to him. Florence drowns in the lake that was unattended. Antonio was not swimming with the other boys when it happened but he came and the boys told him what happened. Antonio worried about Florence whether “god” would forgive him and he would go to heaven, due to Florence not believing in “god”, and Antonio being catholic. This shows how Antonio is starting to think like a grown-up instead of thinking like a kid. ‘Tony went through a dramatic coming-of-age over the course of two years. He is no longer the dutiful little boy, so eager to please. But through this difficult loss of innocence he has gained a personal strength that will benefit him immensely as he navigates through other conflicts and revelations. His experiences have forever shaped the man he will become. Change is something that is inevitable and sometimes difficult, but if we don't change, there is no way

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