Bless Me, Ultima Essay

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Karla Killeen Period 4 Bless Me, Ultima Like any other night I was lying in bed reading a book when all of a sudden I heard heavy breaths outside my window. I pulled up the blinds and there was my old friend, Antonio Márez. “What are you doing here?!” I asked. “You’ve got to help me! I can’t sleep because this whole thing is bothering me! My mother and father are trying to get me to be them. I don’t know what I should choose: being a Márez or a Luna, living on the land or in a church. I can’t make everyone happy unless I’m unhappy!” he exclaimed in a hardy breath. I think he came to me for advice because I’ve been close to his family since he was born. I’ve been like an older sister to him, a better one than his two. We walked downstairs and sat down on the couch in the living room to make him more comfortable to tell his story. He started out by saying that he was sorry for coming at such a late hour and then he began his story: “So you know that my mother has a strong belief in the Catholic religion, right? Well, she expects me to keep going to church and become a priest. I understand that she would be proud of me for carrying on the Luna tradition, but shouldn’t I get a say in what I want? I even had a dream with my brothers chanting ‘You are a Luna…you are to be a farmer-priest for mother’ (page 26)! he explained. I said nothing; I was merely an interested spectator. “But then my father is the opposite. He doesn’t practice like my mother does and ‘on Saturdays at the highway…he drank with his friends…Then there was the thing about religion. My father was not a strong believer in religion. He called priests “women” and made fun of the long skirts that they wore’ (pages 28-29). I don’t think that my dad really understands my mother’s views so he doesn’t try. My dad wants me to be a man and work with the llano, not be stuck in a church and be a

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