Bless Me Ultima

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Bless Me Ultima The Growth from a Boy to a Man The loss of innocence is a natural part of life which everyone has to go through. This philosophy has been the theme of many novels and short stories around the world. Through the events that occur in his life the theme of the loss of innocence covers the essence of Rudolfo Anaya’s, Bless me Ultima. In Bless Me Ultima Tony, matures and loses his innocence. In Bless Me Ultima Anaya demonstrates this theme several times. For example, Anaya shows the inevitable loss of innocence when Maria says, “Ay, but life destroys the pureness God gives…” (31). Maria demonstrates the inevitable destruction of the pureness given by god. Maria here shows that she feels that as one grows older and gain knowledge about the rest of the world we start losing the pureness or the innocence given to us by god. Another example of this theme, Antonio feels his loss of innocence through the events in his life when he says, “I had somehow lost my innocence and let sin enter into my soul, and the knowledge of God, the saving grace, was far away” (167). Here Antonio says that he feels that the sins he thinks he has done have caused him to lose his innocence. Antonio as well as Anaya seem to have a very negative view of losing innocence even though the loss of innocence can just show the growth and maturation of children and people. Throughout the book loss of innocence is a reoccurring topic and is the focus In Bless Me Ultima there is a lot growth and maturation which has lead to the loss of innocence. Anaya shows this throughout the book many times. He shows that growing up and maturing is a natural part of life but is like losing the pureness given by god. This topic has been the theme of many other books like Anaya’s Bless Me

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