Bless Me Ultima

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Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima is a classic novel which follows a young boy’s life in the town of Guadalupe, New Mexico. Six year old Tony tells about his relationship with God and an old curandera named Ultima, he tells of his experiences, good and bad, and as the story goes on you can see his sense of understanding broadens. Throughout the novel you’ll notice that some experiences that Antonio goes through helps him mature and grow as an individual. As the story begins Antonio witnesses his first death, and it is of a (convict) named Lupito. Many men in town including his father were going after him while Lupito went into hiding, but as young Antonio follows the men he sees Lupito hiding in the brush near the river, where Antonio was hiding as well. This part of the book shows his innocence because when Lupito was shot, Antonio runs away from the body even though Lupito’s last words were “ Bless me..” Later on in the novel when Antonio witnesses other killings such as Narciso, he runs to him and although he is not yet a priest he follows Narcisco’s wishes and prays for him and gives him confession. “I prayed, ‘Oh my God, I am sorry for all of my sins, not because I dread the fires of hell, but because they displease you, Lord, Who art all good, and deserving of all my love-and with thy help, I will sin no more-’Then I made the sign of the cross over him.” (170) This quote shows how Antonio handled Narciso’s death in a calm way and he didn’t let fear stop him even though an evil, unholy man was responsible for his death. But for Lupito’s death, although he wished to be blessed just like Narciso wished for, fear stopped young Antonio. His adolescence was very clear during the scene of Lupito’s death near the beginning of the novel. As the novel continues Antonio starts school and he is an outcast and doesn’t fit in with the other
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