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Bless Me, Ultima is a Novel written by Rodolfo Anaya. The novel takes place in New Mexico in the mid-1940s. The novel is centered on a young boy by the name Antonio Marez, he is only six years old when the story starts. He struggles with putting both his father’s culture and mothers culture together in how own life. Antonio is definitely the protagonist in this novel. that agonist in the novel could be the two culture differences in his life. The theme of the novel is mid 1940s and the machismo in the men's culture and struggles. When Antonio Marez is six years old, the curandera (the healer) Ultima comes to stay with him and his family in their small home in Guadalupe, New Mexico. The family has taken in Ultima out of respect for her healing powers. Her knowledge of her healing plants, and the magic in service of the community. Antonio's father, Gabriel is a former vaguero (cowboy) who wandered the llano, in New Mexico. Antonio's mother Maria is the daughter of a farmer. This is the main reason why the two parents clash between what their young's sons life. His father wants Antonio to be a cowboy just like he was, as for his mother she wants him to be a priest. Ultima was the one who was his mother’s midwife. Antonio thinks she is the one that knows what his future will hold for him. Ultima introduces Antonio to her beliefs about the natural world, she takes him to walks teaching him about the plant names and the function of them. When Antonio is with Ultima he first senses the presences of the river, the spiritual of the harmony in the natural world. On night the peaceful household was enturupted when Chavez the neighbor rushed to the house and told Antonio's father that the sheriff has been murdered by Lupito, a war veteran suffering from a sickness. Antonio's father joins Chavez and the other men from the town to find and kill Lupito before he hurts anyone

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