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In Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, Antonio grew up in a catholic culture, however he begins to doubt the religion because he witnessed Ultima’s rituals and he was told of the golden carp After Ultima healed Antonio’s uncle, Lucas, he was beginning to doubt in God and religion. According to the novel, Antonio starts wondering if Ultima’s power is “stronger than all the power of the saints and the Holy Mother Church” (Anaya 97). Antonio had witnessed a healing that he never once would have imagined. His mother had raised him to believe to become a priest, on the other hand once he witnessed Ultima’s ability to cure he begins to have trouble understanding how it could be possible for curanderismo to have more power and magic than faith and medicine. “Art is a very a very human endeavor,” says Anaya,”and it contains within its process and the objects it produces a road to liberation.” For Ultima, curanderismo-which is a traditional spiritual healing for physical and physciological reasons using herbs and spices- was a way to cure people from sickness and she viewed it as art. Nevertheless, her beliefs of human morals and faith made Antonio side away from Catholicism. When Antonio encounters the golden carp he would have not been more “entranced if (he) had seen the Virgen , or God Himself…(he) had witnessed a miraculous thing, the appearance of a pagan god, a thing as miraculous as the curing of (his) uncle Lucas” (Anaya 114). Antonio stats reflecting on his doubts without noticing that he is answering his own questions. Before the encounter with the golden carp he had begun to believe that God is unfair because he is unforgiving and whether or not he actually exists. With the appearance of the golden carp he faces the intensity of divines of the creature he changes his view in faith to where Catholicism is a faith he was forced into; it wasn’t something that

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