Bleeding Love Lyric Analysis

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Samantha Stephenson Adams English IV AP-1 19 November 2013 Bleeding Love Leona Lewis expresses her rollercoaster of emotions through the poetic structure of her song, Bleeding Love. She portrays love as a painful emotion, which she wanted to detach herself from. We then see a shift in the second stanza in which she begins to find a spark of hope in her appreciating for the emotion of love. Leona uses a combination of poetic devices, including imagery, personification, hyperbole, verbal irony, and purposeful repetition, to depict the shifts between her disappointed emotions and her hopeful emotions. This song focuses on several instances of imagery to allow the reader to relate with and to feel the pain felt by Leona. In the second stanza, she shares with us that her heart "melted to the ground." In this line, we see a shift in which Leona realizes she has found her true love. Her heart melting to the ground expresses the truth and reality of the love she is feeling. The imagery found in this piece is used to emphasize on the more hopeful emotion, which prepares the reader for the shift into the next stanza. To give her emotions more of a realistic appeal, Leona personifies the features and qualities of love. By doing so, she creates a depth to the love she's describing, which allows her to speak of love so painfully and encouraging at the same time. Leona tells us that her "heart's crippled by the vein that I [she] keep[s] on closing." We find Leona conflicted between what she wants, what she feels, and what everyone is telling her. She goes from feeling pain and suffering regarding love, to being more optimistic about the whole concept of the emotion, to finding true happiness in love without anyone being able to stir her thoughts or feelings about it. Even though she is crippling herself by blocking off the vein of love, she keeps bleeding love. Even
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