Ble Eyed Brown Eyed Jane Elliot

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Blue Eyed Discrimination has been a major issue in society for a long time, ever since the first white settlers, the settlers discriminated against American Indians and the first black slaves brought over from Africa. Discrimination is defined as unfair treatment of different categories of people based on their gender, race, age or physical characteristics over which they have no control. Discrimination occurs when one category of people think that they are superior to other categories of people in society. Discrimination is the focus of Jane Elliot’s blue eyed brown eyed exercise which is featured in Bertman Verhaags documentary blue eyed (1996). In the documentary Jane Elliot focuses on discrimination against women, homosexuals and mostly against African Americans and how society is biased to suit the oppressors. The blue eyed brown eyed exercise teaches white people what its like to be black in the United States of America. This is done by separating the blue eyed people who are all white and the brown eyed people and making the blue eyed people feel inferior by treating them the same way as blacks are treated in society. In the documentary Jane Elliot uses the exercise to make the blue eyed people feel uncomfortable, frustrated, humiliated, and discriminated against. By doing this she is simulating society’s discrimination of minority groups. A variety of documentary conventions has been used to persuade the viewer to accept Jane Elliot’s point of view on issues of discrimination such as education family equality and acceptance. One of the issues that Jane Elliot is particularly concerned about is equality and unfair treatment of African Americans in society In Bertman Verhaags documentary Blue Eyed Jane Elliot is seen trying to bring equality to blacks and whites through her blue eyed brown eyed exercise. The documentary conventions of shot construction
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