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| Pulling At Heart Strings | Kimberly Waters | 10/15/12 FSEM Paper 1 In the graphic novel, Blankets, Craig Thompson depicts an autobiographical journey from childhood to maturity. The book is unique in how it shows the stresses of growing up, because in it Thompson marries his skills as an illustrator and storyteller to produce a graphic novel, which through its use of visuals can communicate far more than a novel alone. The book revolves around the protagonist’s – Craig’s – struggles growing up in an evangelical Christian home in the Midwest. Craig encounters bullies, isolation, and finally his first love over the course of the book, all of which are beautifully portrayed through Thompson’s attention to portraying the emotion of the scene through his illustration work. The reader is continually confronted with Craig’s experiences through a filter of his emotion – creating a compelling biography that can be connected to emotionally. Thompson provides the reader with an entirely new - or entirely relatable experience through the book, allowing people to step into his skin and life his experiences, and through that process find catharsis. The over-arching theme of the book is the effect of religion on Craig’s perception and thinking. Religion provides several different places in his life as he evolves as a person and his understanding grows with him. Very early in life, He is indoctrinated into the Christian faith out of fear of hell (a cynical, if not untrue point made by Thompson about the tactics to make children as Christian as possible). The visuals place the reader into the role of a child, as both the ideas of heaven and hell are orated by a Sunday school teacher who vacillates between an angelic savior (page 49), and a malevolent figure (page 61). Thompson cleverly shows the Sunday school teacher not filling one static figure, but rather filling

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