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Today’s Date: 9/27/2012Due Date: | EVENT DATE: , , Student Organization Program Planning Form All forms must be completed and returned by the Due Date What kind of Event? Sponsoring Organization(s): Event Coordinator(s): Contact Number: | Contact E-mail: | Program Details: | Event Title: | | Event Description: | | Setup Time: Event Start Time: Event End Time: Breakdown Time: Events can only be scheduled for a maximum of five (5) hours unless otherwise approved by the Director of CSI and Public Safety | Event Location: | Specific Location(s): Rain Location: | Approximate Attendance: | Guest Policy: | Adelphi 3-to-1 Ticketed Invitation Only | Admission Price: AU $0 Non-AU $0 per person Other $0 | The following FORMS must be submitted: | Flyer or Proof of Advertising | Purchase Order Requisition | Transportation Request | Outside Food Approval | Event/Entertainment Contract | Copyright Infringement | Check Requisition/ Advance | Performance Contract | Guest List | Cash Box | Hold Harmless Waiver | Lackmann Catering Form | The following SIGNATURES must be obtained: | EVENT (STUDENT) COORDINATOR: As a representative(s) of the sponsoring organization(s), I (we) understand that our organization is responsible for abiding by all Center for Student Involvement policy and procedures, University policies as well as local, state, and federal laws with regards to events that I (we) sponsor at Adelphi University. I (We) further understand if a policy is violated sanctions may be imposed upon myself and/or the sponsoring organization(s).Name: Signature: Date: | PPM FACILITATOR: Name: Signature: Date: 9/27/2012 |

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