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Sheri Ellis Mr. Fastert Education and Career Technology 27 October 2010 The Blank Blank Story There once was a frog that lived in Phoenix and the koala bear lived in Boston. Both of them only had 1 parent. But the mother always felt guilty because she was hiding something. She was the mother of both the frog and the koala bear. You’re probably wondering how. See, she use to have a bad past. I mean a really bad past. Let’s just say she use to get around A LOT!!! But she was ready to change her life so she wanted to tell them about each other. But she didn’t know how. So she called up frog’s daddy and told him what happen and what she wanted to do and he was a little mad but said ok. Then she called the koala bear‘s daddy and told him what happen and he said ok. But she still didn’t know how to bring them together. So one day she was at the slurpee machine she saw this ad for a basketball/swimming camp and she remembered that the frog plays basketball and koala bear like swimming. So she called the fathers up and told them about it. But frog was so cranky and didn’t want to go but koala bear was so giddy and couldn’t wait to go. Frog eventually decided to go. But on the way there they saw a moon Martian. Which was so weird? But they finally got there and became good friends and they loved to sing and dance together. Then camp ended. The mother planned to pick them up from the camp, that’s how she was going to tell them. All the parents had picked up their kids and they were the only ones there. So she walked up to them and they was like “who is you” and she said I’m your mother. They was like what are you talking about, Then she told them that she was a very bad person when she was younger and use to sleep around. She said I slept with you all daddy’s on the same night which make yall twins. They was so shocked and happy at the same time cause they got along

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