Blanche Ingram In Jane Eyre

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In this essay on Bronte's novel Jane Eyre, I will discuss the effect Blanche Ingram generates, with her personality. She evokes social themes such as; class conflict, controversy of feminism and the self realization of oneself. Furthermore I will discuss the language and imagery used to reinforce the presentation of Blanche and her importance to the novel. To begin, the first impression we are given of Blanche is through Mrs. Fairfax. She is described as a "beautiful and accomplished lady", who can dance magnificently and sings duets with Mr. Rochester. This statement adheres to the Victorian judgments on women, which were based on their complexion and the ability to entertain with music and dance, thus diminishing a woman's true worth."Olive complexion, dark and clear features; eyes…as brilliant as her jewels" Blanche is firstly described as a jewel, the description of her physical appearance is before her character; this shows the timeless importance of physical appearance for society and the way it affects people's opinions, favoring the attractive. However Blanche and Jane are the complete opposite. I believe, Jane represents a new type of hero the revolutionary feminist ideology of equality between men and women. Jane realizes that she holds something more important than beauty or accomplishment, she is an intellect, and through Blanche, Jane learns the true value of her character, and her importance to society. Another way in which Bronte, portrays the role of Blanche, is when Rochester gives her complete attention," I saw his attentions appropriated to a great lady…" he seeks her company and her affection alluding to their marriage, he openly confesses his intentions on marrying her to Jane. Rochester manipulates Blanche; she served him as a catalyst to strengthen his relationship with Jane. He deceives Blanche and dupes her into believing an affinity
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