Blake Edward Essay

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Authorship, Post-Classical and Art Cinema Narration Blake Edwards is one of the most iconic people in the entertainment industry, over the years of his career, he direct, screenwriter and produce movies, he married a famous actress name Julie Andrews, whom star in some of the movies that Edwards direct, like S.O.B (1981), Darling Lili (1969), Victor/Victoria (1982). People around the world known Edward from his trademark icon, where it became one of the most well-known cartoon character in the world “The Pink Panther” it some how became series of movie from “The Pink Panther” (1963) and ended in “Son Of The Pink Panther” (1993), the iconic cartoon character become so famous that they started to earn tons of profit from it like creating action figures, toys, cartoon series, video games and others, but fame will surely end, like now when you goes to a young kid and ask “have you ever seen the pink panther” most of them will surely give you a weird looking question face. The curious thing is that people that seen pink panther or witness its value will remember the physical pain that Edwards call it slapstick and how funny it bring, and times when we see a person doing a stupidity act and got hurt over it bring the memories of detective Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) and surely will get you try to sing the theme song of The Pink Panther, all of this memories that we remember of the pink character need to give credit to Blake Edwards with his way of Edwardsian and unique theme of directing movies and slapstick style. In a brief way to show what kind of director is Blake Edwards, some people will say that his movie some how show a links to Lubitsch, but most people will say he is in comedian director, a lot of movies that he direct most of them include slapstick comedies, topping the topper jokes and a little bit bizarre twist. “whenever I do a joke, I always
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