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Jaclene Estrela 10/29/11 Journal #4 I’m really glad that I’m back in school. It’s taken me a lot to push back on the right track; physically and mentally. The best thing for me right now is to be in school and focus on my future. I had a lot of distractions and I started to follow down the wrong paths in life. When I was little I could picture everything that I wanted to do and who I would become. But being so young it makes it all look so easy. Who knew that it would be so hard to be an adult and be on your own? I never pictures my life would be this hard. I go through a struggle every day. Some days I wish that I never grew up and stayed small forever. Everything was so much easier. But the everyday struggles make me a stronger and better person. Without the struggles in life, life would be boring. 10/30/31 Journal #5 Schools getting a little more intimidating as the days go by. I’ve never really study much before or given much pride in my school work. I’m trying to do my best. The more I push myself the more I will do it. I use to just give up and I’ve came to realize that that is why I’ve never really accomplished anything before. This just makes me push myself harder. If I can picture myself accomplishing my goals and finishing school, I know that I will follow through with it.

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