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Italian Renaissance: Italian Renaissance came from the French means to rebirth, a movement looking at the past of European History. This begins in Italy with Petrarch in the 14th century. Petrarch Babylonian Captivity began a movement Dark Arrow; he created a form of sonnets in poetry. Petrarch discovered work by famous writer’s Cicero found in writers work known as Humanist. Marsilio got help from Cosindo founded Platonic Academy outside of Florence. Marsilio writes to scholars about Plato. The spiritual loved meaning love of soul. Brunelleschi was one of the great sculptors and architects of the early Renaissance. His most famous contribution was the design of the dome of the cathedral of Florence, which still dominates the Florentine skyline today. Machiavelli may be the most famed writer of the Renaissance. His most well-known work, The Prince is a political handbook arguing that it is better for a ruler to be feared than loved. Pope Julius II (1503-1513) ascended to the papal throne in 1503, and presided over the beginning of Rome's Golden Age. He ended the long string of highly corrupt pontiffs and began the massive project of rebuilding St. Peter's basilica. Savonarola attracted a following starting in 1491, when he began preaching against the worldliness and paganism of the Renaissance. He led the ousting of the Medici from Florence in 1494, and assumed power, drafting a new draconian constitution, and attempting to revive the medieval spirit. Reformation of Germany: Reformation German priest Martin Luther challenges church doctrine rejects pope as head of Christian Church Argues against monastic life; believes that faith alone leads to salvation (not good works, not indulgences).They Acknowledges two of the holy sacraments rather than seven. Promotes personal religion, individual Bible study, Bible and Mass in vernacular (not Latin).Luther posts his

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