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BELONGING ESSAY By: sarah jane Belonging is important in The Namesake , and our related text My Big Fat Greek Wedding directed by Joel Zwick and my own chosen text J.D Salingers The Catcher in the Rye . These texts show how belonging is integral to human existence and brings more meaning to ones life. Belonging is about being comfortable with the people you interact with and the environment you find yourself in. Our prescribed text, Jhumpa Lahiris the Namesake explores the link to belonging in more detail. The emphasis is on Gogol Ganguli. Gogol struggles with a sense of belonging to his family and his Bengali culture and heritage throughout his life in the course of the novel. Belonging is a fundamental need, whoever in The Namesake we are given the idea of not belonging. Physically, emotionally and intellectually, mankind needs companionship. The vast majority of people desire to become associated with and accepted by those around them. In the Namesake with the mother we see the opposite affect which is exclusion instead of inclusion. Inclusion typically denotes safety whereas social rejection or exclusion signifies danger or a sense of inferiority or unworthiness, this is definitely the way Gogol feels, which increasingly is affecting his wellbeing given the serious social consequences of individuals who perceive themselves as victims of rejection, isolation and ostracism. Gogols struggle with his identity is the focus for the novel. Gogols name becomes a symbol for this difficulty. Changing his name to Nikhil allows him to feel that that he can escape a life to which he does not belong. Our visual text My Big Fat Greek Wedding we see not belonging by a certain person within her family. The concept of belonging to a family is shown extremely well throughout the movie. We see that Tula is unhappy about being

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