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GANGSTA VERSION OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS At first there was 4 little pigs, they were all brothers. The oldest Hammy was the leader of their gang the Porkchops. The second oldest was named Bacon; he was always the ladies man of the gang. The third oldest was named Hot Dog he was the cocky one in their gang and was always running his mouth off to guys a lot bigger than him. The youngest pig was named Piglet; this little pig was always wanting to be just like his brothers and wanting to do everything with them. The Porkchops were the main gang in the Bronx of New York; the only other opposing gang was the BBW or the Big Bad Wolves. This gang had only two brothers, but that was all they needed to be ruthless. They would vandalize buildings and honk at old ladies as they would cross the streets, just to see them flip out. They brought all their trouble into the Bronx and the Porkchops despised them for that. Their names were Red and Rover. The leader and oldest was Red he had disgusting yellow crooked teeth, sticky and scuffed up fur and half his tale was gone from a previous gang war. Rover was the younger better looking one but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a cocky. He was very stocky, with a very strong thick body but he only grew up to be 4ft tall. He was in every ones face and didn’t realize how tiny he really was. The PC or Porkchops were walking down the street and they caught the BBW messing with a small kid in their streets. Hammy yelled “Get off that kid”, but Red and Rover just keep beating the kid

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