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11-4-13 Equal Rights Equal rights in today’s world is still a major issue for some odd reason which is unfortunate because it’s really an unnecessary argument but of course for everyone who believes that everybody should be created equal there are some people who believe that they are superior over some people. I was born and raised to know the golden rule of life which is obviously means ‘’Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’’ I come to realization that in life you might as well show others with respect no matter what ethnicity that they are because I obviously believe that we all are created equally. In life there will always be people who are different that is just the way this world is but it’s important to always stand your ground for what you believe in if you feel like you are being apart of some kind of discrimination because people will discriminate over almost anything it just doesn’t have to be over your ethnicity. In this world that we live in today we have come to admire the brave men and women of the past who stood their ground over discrimination against ignorant people such as Martin Luther King Jr. who believed that we all are created equal and others like Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to a white Caucasian man it’s people like them who prove that there is no room in this world for discrimination which make them great American heroes. Discrimination in today’s world will never go away even though it may have decreased dramatically compared to how it was in the past but of course there are still many ignorant people today who are racist that firmly believe that they are superior over an individual or race which is uncalled for. Discrimination will more than likely never change it may have drastically decreased as time goes

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