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REFERENCES: Romantic Fiction: Does it Mislead Teens? Stephanie Espiritu Jan 23, 2009 The MacMillan Dictionary for children defines fiction in the following ways: 1. Something imaginary or not true. 2. Written works that tell a story about characters and events that aren't real. When choosing forms of entertainment, fiction serves as an escape from reality. It's refreshing to be able to pick up a book or watch a movie that allows us to walk in someone else's shoes instead of our own. Women enjoy Harlequin Romance Novels, men get lost in action movies, and little ones love watching puppets talk, sing, and dance. So is it any surprise that teens, especially teen girls, also enjoy fiction based entertainment? The "High School Musical" movies and the new "Twilight" movie and book series are a hit with girls ages 11-18. They're so attracted to the story lines and characters that if given the opportunity they'll view them more than once. Although it's only a form of entertainment and it is a great way to escape, it can have a negative impact on those interested. This is especially true when it comes to girls that are starting to date. Romantic Fiction can give them unrealistic views on life, love, and relationships. Romantic movie scripts usually fall within one of the following categories: "Happily Ever After", "Easy Out", or "Give Them a Pat On The Back." "Happily Ever After" movies portray a couple who meet, fall in love, get married, and then live happily ever after. But unfortunately they don't always show the struggles and the challenges that are commonplace in a marriage. If a teen isn't exposed to the reality of a relationship she is misled, she's disappointed, and even devastated when she her self is faced with complications in her own relationships. "Easy Out" movies consist of a married couple that run for the hills when things go wrong. They don't

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