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Materialism is a topic that is very much so spoken of and evaluated in America today. Materialism is usually associated with today’s younger generation. Author Jean M. Twenge discusses the generational differences of materialism in her book Generation Me (which was published in 2006). Twenge is an expert in generational differences due to her thirteen years of study in the field. In her book she is evaluating the differences between Generation Me (Gen Me) which is everyone currently under the age of 35, and the Baby Boomers (the generation before them). When she mentions the difference of materialism in the book she points out that Gen Me is viewed as being materialistic by members of other generations and sometimes even by members of Gen Me. Twenge believes that, “Materialism is the most obvious outcome of a straight forward practical focus on the self” (100). Throughout the book she argues that Gen Me is not self-centered but “self-focused”. I partially agree with Twenge when she states that, “The virtue of expensive things is comfort, enjoyment, and getting what you want” (100). The word materialism is often given a negative definition. I believe that it is sometimes associated with the thought of high-maintenance. Someone who is high-maintenance is someone who puts their wants before their needs and they do it by buying unnecessary materials. For example, a man may want to buy a newer version of a car just because his friend has a newer car, and he doesn’t need it because he already has a good car. People today are materialistic to buy things that make their lifestyle more

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