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When I first picked up this book, I thought that it was going to be all about why fast food is bad, what’s in it, and that you shouldn’t eat it. Although in some way it was, it seemed like there was a more deeper meaning behind it all. The book wasn’t just about the ingredients in a fast food hamburger and how fatty it is, but it talked about every single aspect of the fast food empire as a whole. Every little thing that you could possibly talk about was in the book. From how everything got started, to the cattle that was raised and the meat packaging plants, to the restaurants themselves. Everything was explained in such detail that it felt like you were there on that farm, or in that factory. In general, you could say that the author was biased in the sense that he never said anything good about the fast food nation, probably because there wasn’t anything good to say. Before reading this book, I honestly never hesitated when thinking of buying Burger King or McDonalds for lunch. It just seemed really handy when you didn’t want to cook anything or you were in a rush to go somewhere important. That’s probably why it’s called “fast food,” because it was so convenient to get ahold of. From time to time somebody would tell me, “Oh, you know fast food is bad for you?” or “You shouldn’t that, it’s so gross.” I would just answer back with an “I don’t care.” or “How..?” but nobody really knew how to answer those questions. When I actually started to read the book however, I started to understand why fast food was, in fact, so horrible. The ways that fast food is made and the sanitary issues involving where it is made seemed so appalling to me. The worst part for me was probably every time they described how dangerous it was to work in the meat packing industry. The gruesome details of the workings losing limbs and getting badly injured made me want to gag, but it also

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