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Arts & Culture Art is a mirror image of identity of individual or society. Yes it is reflection of what we feel, think, practice, ritual, believe, behave and the Character. On the whole ART is a reflection of ideology of the society and feelings and behavior etc; of individuals. The paintings and sculptures of Dracula of Romania and David of Israel clearly give indication to us as what personality they were. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Mayan arts reveal what they were and how they lived. The ritual, dresses, paintings too reflect religion and tradition of the society. What is identity: Character, feelings, intelligence, and behavior etc; of the individual becomes personality. Tradition, rituals, ideology, practices etc; of the society, gives its significance. This significance becomes identity that identifies individuals and society. Identity varies from society to society and individual to individual as variation of systems or personality. Art may be in the form of paintings, drawings, crafts, living, style of writings, songs, dance, speech, poetry, humor and etc; these all symbolize the personality and culture so is an instrument to identify. The painter or craftsman leaves own feelings and thoughts in the piece or project that influences to inspire, Better artist involves deeply in the project by imprinting own feelings and thought to express through presentation. The perfect piece clearly signifies the intention of an artist that resembles own or the character he/she wants to present. So Art is a method of presentation to draw attention of others. All living creature has method of communication what we call is Art. Even in animals we find this sort of behavior for inviting to mate by dancing, territory markings on trees and land, grooming to show attachment. So Art is an instrument to express feelings, desires, behavior, character etc; Every

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