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Veronica Highsmith Imagine you just get off work at… I dunno lets say 9, your friends want to go see a movie…that lasts for about 2 hours, you check your watch to see if there’s time to get food and….oh no. You can’t…curfew. Now does that sound right? No, it doesn’t Many people justify the curfew by saying that teenagers do not have the same rights as adults. But this speech is not about teenage rights. It is about the unjust punishment of honest Americans. I am protesting the curfew because every law-abiding American should have the right to freely socialize at any time. No one is harmed when a law-abiding teenager stands in a park at night. Therefore, it should not be a crime. Our politicians may believe that hanging out is harmful but that doesn’t mean it should be illegal. They like to call it loitering. Well, allow me to suggest another description: I call it socializing. Socializing, oh the police officers should know this word very well…gatherings outside the local Starbucks turning your sirens on so you can get your Iced Caramel Macchiato just that much sooner. Socializing…when we get pulled over and immediately 5 more police cars appear as if they have some relevance to the situation. Now I may be drifting off topic but you have to understand the frustration in most teens when they have to here some higher authority telling them they are no longer allowed to hang out outside once the clock strikes 11. Every time that you see a sign that says no loitering, what it is really saying is no socializing. And if socializing is illegal, should we still call America the land of the free? Many cops believe for some strange reason that when they see us walking around Regal hanging out with our friends that we are bound to do something crazy and illegal. The reduction of crime is a noble goal and I understand that, but unfortunately, the curfew is the wrong

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