Blade Runner & Frankenstein Values Comparison

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Summative task Values evolve with society’s perspective becoming newer and more profound; this is a result of enlightening events and innovative use of form in influential texts. Values that have advanced over time are the delicate relationships between science and nature, which ultimately defines our humanity and the ethics and morals behind the progress of science. A comparison can be made, showing the development of these values over time, between ‘Frankenstein’ a romanticised novel written by Mary Shelley in 1818, about a mad scientist named victor creating a monster. The other text, BR, is a post-modern film directed by Ridley Scott in 1982, about a Deckard, a blade runner, hunting down replicants. The texts use a variety of literary and cinematic techniques to offer a fresh perspective on the implications of scientific disregard. The dangerous connection science has , and how we can affect that fragile link, shapes who we are, since nature is a core part of a human’s identity. There must be symmetry between science and nature and when nature is thrown out of balance, destruction follows until brought back into line. Shelley uses her text to influence her society, bringing to light that they must not take their environment for granted, due to the advances in polluting industries at the time . We see this emphasis on nature when Victor ascends the mountain ‘and the solemn silence of this glorious presence-chamber of imperial Nature was broken only by the brawling waves’ the use of descriptive imagery and alliteration shows how nature is sublime to humans, which ties in with the romanticism of the text. Also the metaphor, ‘it allows me this faint happiness, or take me, as your companion, away from the joys of life." Shows the reader how Victor is affected by this sudden exposure to nature, he feels rejuvenated and cheerful, this symbolises how important it is
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