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Blade Runner Essay Louis Horsley 'Humans and Replicants are more alike than they are different'. Discuss. ‘Blade Runner’(1982) directed by Ridley Scott, emphasizes how Replicants are an artificial life form, created to be stronger, harder working, more intelligent and to have super human or paranormal abilities and strengths. However in many cases, humans and Replicants are more alike than they are different. They possess enhanced physical skills, bizarre capabilities, and eerie reflective eyes. Although they may appear to be completely unusual machinery, the Replicants desire and hold the same needs as mankind; emotion, thought and life. Through Blade Runner, humanity is the main theme as we see how the different characters undergo a spiritual change which leads the question ‘What is Human’? I believe that the main attributes of being human is showing emotion, like empathy, hate, love, anger, etc. it doesn’t matter if you are cloned or genetically modified. Often when a person doesn’t show emotion we call them a robot, so why than, if the Replicants in Blade Runner show emotion, can we not see them, and treat them as human. The answer to this is “Who is human?” Of course there is no simple definition to this statement. The physical attributes of Replicants are far superior to those of human beings. There main creation was to work intensely as ‘slave-labour’, merely an evolution of actual human beings. They were formed from humans, hence, although not being entirely physically related, they were still made to be human like in every possible way, and as Tyrell quotes, they are ‘more human than human’, they have almost all the characteristics of being human. They have feelings and emotions, intelligence and understanding and desire for the same things that humankind does. Who are the Replicants

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