Blackrock Essay

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Responsibility is an important theme in Blackrock. Who is responsible for the events which occur in the play? The script Blackrock, by nick Enright, is a classic Australian play that takes place in a seaside town, called Blackrock. In the play many themes are deeply explored and analyzed, adding to the great storyline and plot the play has. One of the themes, responsibility, plays a huge part in the structure of the story. In the script, many characters that fail to take responsibility of the crime that involves rape and murder. The main characters who are mostly at fault are Davo, Scott, Toby and Toby’s parents Stewart and Marian. These 4 are the main culprits of the devastating events that take place, bring chaos and put shame on the town of Blackrock. The characters Davo and Scott are responsible and accountable for the event at Toby’s party. They along with Toby are the ones who sexually assault a teenage girl named Tracy. Without further analysis such a crime in today’s society calls for the perpetrators to take full responsibility for their actions. “…up to surfers? Heaps of guys our age this time of year. We’ll easily get lost in the crowd.” This shows that the boys do not want to take responsibility for their actions because they are scared of going to jail. In response Davo and Scott try to excuse themselves by blaming alcohol. Ironically, it was their decision to firstly consume a lot of alcohol which led them to rape Tracy. This therefore illustrates how Davo and Scott are responsible for the actions that take place. Toby’s parents, Stewart and Marian, are also responsible for the events which take place. It was their decision to let Toby have the party in the first place. As adults both parents should suspected that something could have occurred at the party. The binge drinking at the party caused chaos, consequently leading to rape and

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