Black Widow Spider Essay

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An adult black widow spider has a black shiny abdomen, with two red triangles underneath, the shape of an hour glass. It is very small about 1.5 cm not including the legs. These spiders make their webs usually outside and in dark places. The web is often built close to the ground, near houses, or in garages. Females lay about 300 to 400 eggs per cocoon, and about four cocoon's every summer. The black widow spider is nocturnal, it hunts and moves about at night. It is a very dangerous spider. In fact its venom is 15 times more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake. It is an invertebrate animal belonging to the arachnid family, to the class of the arthropods. There are about 8 to 10 species. Its bite can paralyze, even kill humans! The Black widow spider female is about 15 mm, the male is smaller only about 7 mm. It has two eyes above the mouth and two hooks where it injects its venom. A black widow spider lives about 1 1/2 year. The male has a shorter life, only eight months maximum. The black widow spider is an insectivore. It is found in tropical regions, in the United States, in Australia, and in several countries in Europe. It likes dry and grassy grounds. Only the female is dangerous, it is recognized by its bright spots under its belly. The most dangerous for humans is the American black widow spider. People are not usually threatened by spiders. About 15 species are dangerous, but bites that end in death are not common. The silk that the black widow spider spins for its web is very strong. The threads of the web are in a crisscross pattern which makes it a very deadly landing for any insect. The spider is waiting in the center of the web when an insect lands on the web. It will feel the vibrations and rush towards the insect. It will spin silk all over it and wrap it in a coffin. There is no escape

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