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Name: ____________________________________ Class:__________ Date: ________________ Introduction to Social Justice and Protest Literature 1. What is “social justice”? (Read and annotate the following paragraph.) Social justice embodies the vision of a society that is equitable and in which all members are physically and psychologically safe. Social justice also demands that all people have a right to basic human dignity and to have their basic economic needs met. A commitment to social justice recognizes that health is affected by a host of social factors. It is not possible to address trauma and violence without also wrestling with poverty, racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and all other forms of stigma1. Across the world, millions of individuals are enduring problems of inequality and unfair treatment. Because of this, world citizens must seek answers to social justice issues and fight for the rights of those being silenced and marginalized.2 1stigma = a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something 2marginalized = made to feel unimportant or powerless within a society or group 2. “Because, But, So” Procedure: * * All 3 sentences will start with the same stem, but the conjunctions “because,” “but,” and “so” signal you to end the sentence in 3 different ways. Base the ends of your sentences on the reading passage above. Conjunction: | because | but | so | Its Meaning: | tells why | changes the direction of idea | shows cause and effect | Example Sentence: | I like writing because it allows me to express myself. | I like writing, but I struggle to express my thoughts clearly. | I like writing, so I always complete my English HW. | Social justice is important because ______________________________________________________________________

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