Black Saturday Bushfires

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What were the economical impacts from The Black Saturday bushfires? The net cost for the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires was $942 million. Economical impact from Black Saturday was very small compared to the environmental and social impact. What were the recoveries and responses undertaken by the communities? Many survivors of the bushfires say that they would never recover from their traumatic experiences ever again. Some other survivors decided to move out of their town where their home was destroyed. Statistics from 2011 say that 72% of the survivors had rebuilt either moving out to another property or rebuilt their own homes, 17% decided they will rebuild but had not started yet, 8% which consisted of elderly people decided not to rebuild, and 4% which were still undecided. What were the social impacts from the Black Saturday Bushfires? After the Black Saturday bushfires, many people died and many properties were destroyed, causing grief to the owners, friends and family of them. The money to repair the damage was a big problem because of the bushfire’s immediate wreckage, and the survivors ran out of money before they could even finish the houses, and with the add-on of fireproofing this raised the cost to rebuild. What were the environmental impacts from the Black Saturday Bushfires? The environmental impact from the Black Saturday bushfires was the biggest impact, as more than a million animal wildlife injuries and deaths would tally more than 1 million. There was 1 specific wildlife, the Lead beater’s Possum, which only had one habitat, and unfortunately was part of the Black Saturday bushfires, which puts that animal on the list of “threat of extinction.” Black Saturday- Inside the firestorm ABC1 Video about what happened inside the firestorm. What is going on now? $401 million dollars of the bushfire

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