Black Picket Fence Sociological Analysis

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Yanique Crawford June 8, 2014 Sociology Class SOC 231 SYS/LECT/MEW1-2014/SUMMER/01 - The Sociology of Group Behavior Chapter 15 Black picket Fence Chapter 15 the Black Picket Fence by Mary Pattillo-McCoy speak on the socio economic experiences that the black middle class had and have to face in society especially when it comes to other races especially whites. This chapter speaks on life in Chicago where it gives examples on how middle class blacks are pressures and how many obstacles they have to face in and which to live what is called the American dream as so to speak. The black middle class according to the ‘’Black Picket Fence’’ from three years research in Grove land a black Chicago middle class community explains that there is and will always be segregation that is taken place in the community where there is no socializing and at work white are being paid more than the blacks in the same positions and no opportunities are given to the black to help them better lives. The society is in Grove land if you are black and in the middle class category you will remain as a black middle class individual there will be no room for improvements in your life and if you’re rich you will be rich.…show more content…
Marxist theory that racism sevens the interest of the capitalist or employer class by dividing black and white workers reducing their potential units and with Marxist theory and bow it relates to the black picket fence is the way society is set up whites are the ones with the uppermost positions and they are the ones who employ blacks the middle class blacks to do their job and if a white worker is doing the same job he or she will bet paid more than the black person because of racial
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