Black People In A White People's Country Analysis

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Reader Reports John Connell 3. Black People in a White People’s Country This article is mostly about African people and slavery and the events that took place in the fifteen century and continued 400 years later. It describes the horrors of the middle passage and the Atlantic slave trade. Where it part takes in the largest force migration of people. No matter whom captain of the ship was you find detailing stories how horrifying it was. Having a ship which was only 12 yards in length and having decks only 3 ½ feet high. That most of slaves brought to the new colonies who died in the ship was not a concern since they were insured and the companies took the lost. That this mass enslavement of African slaves would greatly affect the white racial prejudice and continue in the coming years. 4. Deerfield Massacre This was the massacre of a town in western Massachusetts by the French and Indians one night in 1704 misnamed in the French records “Guerrefille”. This shows how the French greatly didn’t like the English that it was not going to be an easy time. That there was no mercy shown here, because either the folks in this town were either going to be slain, mutilated or captured. And it depicts an event where the Indian capture the daughter of John William and she lived a life as an Indian. It also describe the…show more content…
Born in 1800, and will later become interested in the abolitionist. He is the father of American terrorism and the greatest influence that impacted the nation at that time. A man who bore twenty children and nine of them died before adulthood and a man who lost his wife. That stood up for what he believes in and made others a believer. In which his story today is still unanswered if he was still a murderer or a

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