Black Legend Debate Brief

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Black Legend Debate Brief Against Las Casas In the 16th century Spain had discovered the new world and its indigenous peoples along with it. With Spain’s main purpose in going to the “New World” being to seek out any profitable resources and opportunities, it led to the enslavement of the Native Americans. Forced to do labor and work the mines, many of the Native Americans that lived in the Americas died from this. There came backlash towards Spain from finding the New World and acquiring these new resources that made them very rich and profitable at the time. Other countries in Europe depicted the Spanish empire as being cruel, exploitative, and self-righteous for enslaving and killing the innocent Native Americans. This was brought to the attention by a Dominican priest named Bartolome de Las Casas who traveled to the Americas and witnessed the treatment of the Native Americans. He published “The Black Legend” and his protests drew attention to the Spanish Empire. This caused a debate in which Las Casas was to present his case in front of an audience including the king of Spain and the Spanish colonial officials presenting their case. I was assigned to affirm the side of the Spanish colonial officials. In the cases brief I will explain that the way the Spanish colonial officials treated the Native Americans was the way it had to be. * Las Casas is an extreme exaggerator and depicted the scene of what is going on in the Americas much worse than it actually is. In his Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies he goes on to say that he expects there to have been 3 million peoples in the island of Hispaniola, which is a far far stretch from the truth of what the population really is there. He claims that the torture and killings we have done has decreased the population to 200 hundred peoples now. It’s highly unlikely that with our colonists being so heavily
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