Black Is Black Essay

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Black is Black Lisa Washington ENG 125 Julie Pal-Agrawal September 24, 2012 Black is Black For many years African Americans have suffered through a plethora of racial slurs, racial injustices and racial humiliations. Race comes in many forms and colors but unfortunately racism is more dominant and prevalent in the black communities. Racism affects us all, whether we are young or old, rich or poor, dark skinned or light skinned, we deal with the same stigma of being black in America. As read in the many stories of famous authors, they too have had to deal with racial tensions but have been able to write about their experiences or the experiences of others. In Alice Walker’s, The Welcome Table, an old woman is oblivious to the stares and unwanted company from the members of an all white church and continues to proceed as if all was well with the world while in What It’s Like to Be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith, a black girl is well aware of racism and ponders over how changing her appearance would affect how she is perceived by white America. The Welcome Table, by Alice Walker takes place in a rural setting around the time racism was prevalent and black people knew their place in society. During this time the African American community became more rooted with stronger family ties and an unwaivering spiritual belief in God and Jesus . The story also paints a vivid picture of poverty, racism and spiritual devotion. The short story is told in a third-person omniscient view which is when the story is told by someone who is not a character but knows the thoughts and feelings of the characters (Clugton, 2010). As a third-person point of view, the speaker is the narrator and does not play a role in the story, but does give detailed views of how the characters of the story act, look and feel. This is evident in the first sentence of the story. “The old

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