Black Holes In Star Trek

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The movie “Star Trek” is many things, but completely realistic is not one of them. For example, in the opening scene of the movie two warships meet and a battle ensues, which involved many explosions and flames. Now these occurrences may be plausible to some degree. There is oxygen inside the impacted ship which would cause a brief flame, but this doesn't explain how most of the fires that occurred on The Enterprise were long lasting. Since space is a vacuum, these flames would not last as nearly as long as they would in real life and dissipate much more rapidly due to the oxygen being quickly sucked out of that specific area. In addition, the woman being sucked out into space and being unable to scream is accur ate due to there being no matter for the sound to travel from.…show more content…
here we go. The mechanics of how all the black holes in the movie acted were a bit sketchy. For example, the first black hole that Spock and The Narada exit/enter from was created from “Red Matter” in mere seconds. Accepting that red matter creates a black hole, this event would not take mere seconds as it did in the movie, but numerous years rather. In addition, entering a black hole would not only take thousands of years to occur, according to “Spaghetti theory” the gravity would be so intense as you neared the center of the black hole, your body would be stretched out into a thin strip of organic matter. Not to mention that this is all assuming that black holes are connected to other black holes in some separate universe and at a different time. Speaking of which, since time is relative, Spock going into the black hole a few seconds after The Narada, and coming out after it has been 25 years is quite plausible. So both the timeframe and how this scene was portrayed have little scientific background and is most likely

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