Black History month is still relevant today

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Black History Month is still relevant to African Americans The European Americans have forever discredited the Negro race of their history. They have hidden the fact that blacks are not truly primitive, but are great contributors to civilization. They have robbed them of all riches which belong to the black race. For a long time they have always said that the pharaohs and the people of Egypt were not black but rather white. Every student of history, of impartial mind, knows that the Negro once ruled the world, in times when the white men were savages and barbarians living in caves. Also, there is evidence that many professors taught in the universities in Alexandria and that ancient Egypt gave to the world civilization. Then Egypt was robbed of her arts and letters by the Greeks and Roman. It is not surprising that the European Americans would go to the extreme to keep blacks in ignorance of their own history. They do this mainly to avoid shame; because they the importance of a black man’s existence. Now, as time progresses and after blacks have fought so hard for social positions in America, the black community is granted a month to celebrate their history; and the month of the year at that. Every year in the month of February, many of the members of the black community join in the celebration of history that have been hidden for many years and that is still not taught in many public schools nationwide. One would argue that black history is not relevant to African Americans nowadays, but is it their fault that they do not know their true history? A student at Spelman College, after taking the course, African Diaspora and the World, will know much more than any other black individual who is attending high school, especially those that are predominantly white. One can say that many black celebrate black history month, they still do not know half of what

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