Black History Month

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Black History Month In the Newsweek magazine, Raina Kelley discusses in her article titled “The End of Black History Month.” Kelley explains how Morgan Freeman was against Black History Month because it was crammed into one single month, as if the contribution of black Americans was being demeaned. Even though the divisions between blacks and whites aren’t as cavernous as they used to be, there are still racial issues going around in America. Kelley defends Black History month by sharing the origins of how it became to be celebrated. It began to be celebrated the second week of February encompassing Frederick Douglass’ and Lincolns’ birthdays. Black History is a reminder of the work that still needs to be done here in America between all races. Instead of erasing Black History month, it should used to focus on other issues for the rest of the 337 days. Kelley states in her article, “Black history is American history, no doubt. But Black History Month is a measure of how fully or accurately our story is being told and a reminder of the work yet to be done.” I agree with the author. I understand where Freeman is coming from, but he doesn’t seem to fully grasp or understand the meaning of Black History Month. It means more than sharing stories and history about famous important black Americans. It means more than the rights they well deserved, or the freedoms they overcame. It’s the important picture behind all of it. I think it’s the celebration of change, the month that sets hope for other issues that strike our country daily. It’s the cornerstone of what can set different races, religions, organizations, etc, to move forward and abolish all stereotypical comments. I think Black History Month should not be abolished from the calendar year. As I read this article, I thought to myself that many people who agree with Freeman are looking past the point and are
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