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Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass Throughout American history, we have had outstanding people stand out. They stand out because of doing heroic things or by working to change something that would affect many people. There are no two people who stand out more than Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, in the way of African American rights. They were fundamental in bringing a change in our country. They risked their lives for many peoples freedom. In this paper, I will address how these American icons are alike and how they are different. First, I will start with their childhood. Harriet Tubman, originally Araminta Ross was born into slavery by Harriet Greene and Benjamin Ross sometime in 1820. She was born in Dorchester County Maryland on a plantation. Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County, Maryland. He was born Frederick Augustus Bailey to Harriet Bailey and an unknown white man. Both Harriet and Frederick changed their name, but for different reasons which I will explain later on. Frederick was half-white, so there was a little speculation if his master Aaron Anthony was his father. During the time of slavery, many masters would sexually violate slave women to keep up the number of slaves. Since the laws state that, a child is a slave if the mother is a slave. Growing up Harriet and Frederick had different lives. Harriet was put to work at the age of five. She did the usually slave girl jobs such as being a house cleaner and a caretaker for the master’s children. When Harriet turned twelve, she worked out in the fields, which she preferred to house chores. Unfortunately, when she was thirteen and overseer bashed her in the head, which would give her sudden blackouts for the rest of her life. Her name was also changed to Harriet to signify that she wasn’t a girl anymore. Frederick Douglass grew up separated from his mother; he was

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