Black heritage speech on Racism

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Hello, I am Carla Dotson. I was born in early 1970’s when my father was listening to Marvin Gaye was cool and my mother…..well was being a mother with a husband and three bad kids. I was raised and educated by both of my parents and successfully completed high school. I joined the US Air Force in the early 90’s and traveled to many places across the country. I can speak of many instances of racism in the US military but I experience racism by my own race in Montgomery, Alabama. I first became educated by the racism amongst the African American race through the reading of the “William Lynch Letter” which spoke how to control you slaves for 400 years or more. The effect of this mentality seems to control our race with jealous, envy, greed, and hatred for one another. I felt this way when I was driving across the country to get back to Albuquerque, New Mexico and got snowed in Alabama. I stayed at a widely recognized hotel. All the hotel staff was African American so I felt very comfortable, but when need room service I peeked out of the room to ask one of the employees for help and this lady just walked past me as if I was not there. I repeated myself in a louder, firmer tone and the lady turned to me and told me that “I can’t help you do nothing”. I was so offended by her action that I spoke with management about the issue and I was told “Hey you in the South, some dark skinned blacks don’t get along with the light skinned blacks.” Being very young and scared, I went to my room and did not come out until the snow was clear and it was time to leave. Racism is clearly an issue that has clouded the minds of many people and has effected many generations. Through black history programs, museums, and the education of culture in schools this generational curse of racism may not end, but can impact the life of those that experience racism as a
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