Black Friday Essay

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Stacy Allread Barbara Buchanan Eng. 111-014 8 September 2011 Black Friday The holidays are rapidly approaching. Most people think of artistically decorated trees, hot sugar cookies, festive Christmas songs and freshly cut pine trees but others are all about the crazy holiday shopping, especially black Friday sales. Black Friday is the busiest and craziest shopping day of the entire season. The Black Friday shoppers do not feel alive with holiday spirit until that first shopping day. These dedicated shoppers do not care about long lines, rude fellow shoppers, loud music or over-crowded stores. Shoppers arise numerous hours before local stores open in hopes of being first in line. The local store’s parking lots are filled almost to complete capacity with small compact cars, large trucks and enormous vans. A distant parking space is located as oceans of people quickly flood the front and rear doors of the store. Shoppers walk what seems like miles to reach those crowded doors, only to discover lines coil around the side of the building just like a snake around its prey. People huddle together into small groups drinking hot chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, burrow down deep into over-sized coats and frantically rubbing their hands together in hopes of staying warm in the predawn darkness. The waiting seems to go on for an eternity but for most people these are just a few short hours. The double doors fling open and people make mad dashes inside through any narrow space available. The shoppers are wrapped in heat from over-head heaters, the aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies, and tiny dazzling lights of professionally decorated trees once within. People are aggressively pushing and elbowing others out of the way just to find a single shopping cart. The lucky customers locate an empty cart; no one cares if the wheels squeak and wobble across

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