Black Figure Potery

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Black Figure Pottery Black Figure Pottery is a type of ceramic work used by the Ancient Greeks. Black Figure Pottery can also be called Black Figure style or Black figure Ceramic. Figures were painted on pottery pieces, mostly vases and tiles, using black or dark red paint. The figures were painted as silhouette and then they were detailed and contoured using opaque or contrasting colors. One method of defining a character on the pottery was to change the color of the skin. Typically males would have black skin and females would have white. Another normality that all figures had was the shape of their eyes, women would have almond shaped eyes while men tended to have a more rounded eye shape. Hair and body language could be used to identify the age of the person; Young men would have no facial hair while older men would have a thick beard. Elderly men and women would both have white hair, the older men would be shown stooping or slouching and the older women would be painted with a fuller figure. This Black Figure technique was developed around 700 BC in Corinth. Originally Black figure pottery was used only in Corinth, making it the center for pottery trade, this technique soon traveled to Athens. From Athens, which was the center of all pottery trade, the pottery would be traded all over the Greek and Roman world, expanding the culture and the beauty of art.

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