Black Economic Empowerment

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Managing People in Organisations Course Code :MPO Black Economic Empowerment Due date: 6 OCTOBER 2008 CONTENTS Executive Summary 1.0 Objective of the Assignment 2.0 Methodology 2.1 Understand Black economic empowerment 2.2 Employment equity and what it mean 2.3 Department Trade and Industry strategy 2.4 Concepts of Ubuntu 3.0 Research 4.0 Conclusion 5.0 Review of BEE policy in Simeka Business Group 5.1 BEE overview 5.2 BEE status 5.3 BEE policy 6.0 Bibliography 7.0 Appendices Executive Summary This exercise was undertaken to under stand the Black Economic Empowerment concept and how it is drafted into our government policies. The aim of this policy is to target the South African economy’s weakest point namely inequality. 1.Objective of the Assignment The objective of this assignment is to investigate the Black Economic Empowerment policies. Discuss the concept and if the policy is addressing inequality. Research the legislation and commenting on the concept. Explore the possible link between the Ubuntu concept and BEE. Review the existing BEE policy of a company make recommendations in light of the research. Review structures, policies and procedures and make the necessary recommendations. 2. Methodology 2.1 Understand Black Economic Empowerment The concept of this ACT is to: Recognizing that as a result of apartheid and other discriminatory laws and practices, there are disparities in employment, occupation and income within the national labour market and that those disparities create such pronounced disadvantages for certain categories of people that they cannot be redressed simply by reapplying discriminatory laws. Therefore in order to promote the constitutional
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