Black Dynamite: Joseph Campbell's Monomyth

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The character called “Black Dynamite,” from the recent blacksploitation parody film of the same name, is nonetheless a hero. Dynamite’s story represents several stages of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth. He is first called back into adventure once he hears about his brother’s (Jimmy’s) murder. Dynamite breaks into action and searches for Jimmy’s killer. He finds the gang responsible for his brother’s death and beats them in a brutal battle; but meanwhile, he finds the bullet responsible for killing Jimmy. He is told that the type of bullet (a .48 long rifle) is only obtained by people working for the government. Dynamite confronts his former army and CIA partner, O’Leary, about the bullet. A few years before, O’Leary withdrawn Dynamite’s license to kill once he decided to leave the force; and ever since, O’Leary has been skeptical about sharing information with him. But this time O’Leary felt guilty. He tells Dynamite that his brother was working for the CIA, because Jimmy wanted to be just like him. Dynamite then decides the best way to fight for Jimmy’s vengeance is to return to the CIA. O’Leary is delighted and returns Dynamite’s license to kill. This is the ordeal Dynamite underwent, the journey to receiving his license to kill once again. Dynamite takes on Jimmy’s case to discover the resource of a new mysterious drug. Through his journey, he finds a trustworthy fighting team in Bullhorn & Cream Corn, they become Dynamite’s loyal helpers. Together, they have fun stopping several crimes (mostly dealing with drug dealing). This leads them to Kung Fu Island, where in an epic battle with Dynamite’s nemesis, Dr. Wu. Bullhorn and Cream Corn sacrifice their lives for Dynamite’s victory; these actions show their loyalty to Dynamite. After defeating Dr. Wu, Dynamite discovers that his case goes much deeper than the operation in Kung Fu Island. He discovers that

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