Black Death Impact On Art Essay

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Art History 2 01/23/13 Chapter 1 Essay 1. How did the Black Death have an impact on art? Black Death was known as the bubonic plague. Italy was hit extremely hard and about 30- 50% died from it. Black Death had a large amount of effect o the Art world. It stimulated religious bequests and devotional images. Black plague was a horrible infection that led to a terrible painful death. During the mid-14th century thousands of artists, painters and craftsman perished. When the plague arrived any artists started a darker era for painting. “Paintings were overflowing with tortured souls, death, dying, fire and brimstone”. ([->0]) Another way art changed was because of all the death of the artists many people say “the heart of the culture world was torn open”. Other effects of the plague were that darkness was brought to not only art, but literature and music. Artists thought it was pointless to try an bring beauty to a hellish world. In 1547 Ligier Richier painted “Le Travisi Tomb of the Renee Chalon” Another piece that was created in the 16th century was “The young woman and Death” by Hans Baldung Grien. Today’s art has become different because even though people feel…show more content…
Arnolfo Di Cambio built Florence’s Cathedral. When 1260 when Italy was going through a periodic bouts of struggle. Siena defeated Florentines at the battle of Montapertiti. After the battle it took a toll in the Art world. Sienese and Florentine artists would create competitive styles for painting and culture that would separate identities of the two cities. Florentines triumphed affected the sense of what renaissance art should look like. Florence took their revenge in 1555 as they formed Grand Duchy of Tuscany. At this time Ciotto and Michelangelo were creating pieces for Renaissance Siena. Vasari believed that people in paintings should be more realistic. Still to this day people still go by that
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