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Black Death Essay

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  • on May 22, 2014
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Did ring around a rosie have anything to do with the plague?
You may have heard the Nursery rhyme ring around the Rosie? But have you ever thought twice about what it is about. This popular nursery rhyme is based on one of the most devastating Pandemics ever to be recorded in history also known as the Black Death. It killed around 75-200 million people all through Europe, starting from the arid plains of central Asia of where it originated. If you are to break down in this rhyme you can actually understand the effects of the Black Plague. “Ring around a Rosie” to describe the rash that broke out on a person’s skin forming red ringed spotted with a dark spot making it look like a rose. “Pocket full of Posey” people often carried Posey’s to cover the smell of the dead people lying around. “achoo achoo we all fall down” Resident would often burn the house of people with the disease,   hoping it will put an end to the disease the ash in the air would make people sneeze. "We all fall down" The plague filled villages and cities with dead and dying victims.   People would collapse in the streets and be left lying there.
Who were the black death doctors?
In the times of Medieval the doctors were hired by towns that had many people affected by the plague. Since the town was hiring them, rich and poor would be given the same treated. The doctors wore a beak like mask filled with aromatic items to hide the smell of death. The coat they wore consisted of heavy fabric coated with wax. Under the coats were boots made from goat leather, the hat and the gloves were also made of the same material. The wooden can they carried around was used to examine the patient directly. The hat they wore was to identify their position as a doctor. This odd looking garment was invented by Charles de L’more in 1691
What were the types of the black death:
The spreading of bubonic plague depends on the season, the peak of was reached in autumn because in this season the fleas...

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