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The Black Death was a plague that started in Florence, Italy, in 1348. It was one of the deadliest plague epidemics that ever happened in history. It spread all over the world infecting everyone and leaving trails of dead bodies along its path. It led many people to death and can still infect people today. The Black Death swept across Asia and Europe during the middle 1300’s. It began in Central Asia. Ships that were used for trading carried rats. When the people got bitten by the fleas on the rats, the fleas gave them the plague. From these ships, the plague spread throughout Europe. By 1400, twenty million to thirty million people died because of the plague. Anyone who dared venture out upon the streets of Florence in the summer of 1348 could not avoid the dead. They were put into piles by their friends, neighbors, and families. No one was friendly enough to bury them because they didn’t want the plague to spread on to them. The old and young all died from this disease. Some buboes grew as big as a fist on some people. Black splotches appeared all over their skin. The bodies with the plague smelled vile and nasty. This was from the horrible stench and urine. They tried the treatment of bleeding the disease out but it didn’t work. They also tried herbal potions but nothing worked. They could be dead in a day. In the fourteenth century, the plague moved slowly around the world. It began around 1330 in the Gobi Desert area. This was the second of three plague pandemics in history. It was to travel a lot farther than the first plague. It was to make its way to China, India, through the Middle East, and to Europe. Stories of great disasters in China made its way to Europe. By the end of 1346 people in Europe heard these calamities were followed by a deadly plague. Death strode across Asia leaving behind a large amount of bodies. Ships were found with dead

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